When you work for the government, your life and your career are a bit different from what they would be at other places of business. Let’s look at some of the standout differences experienced by people who work for the government.

Secrecy and Loss of Privacy

Depending on which job you hold with the federal government, expect to have some measure of secrecy associated with it. You may not be able to tell even your family members about the specifics of your work. All the gossips and chatter that people like to share about their job may have to be significantly curbed, and you may have to be careful about what you divulge about your job.

Additionally, you should not expect a lot of privacy at work or in many of your communications. Expect that your email will be read and your phone calls monitored. But remember that this is as much about your own protection as it is that of the government’s. The government is trying to protect its assets, and that includes you.

Stable Working Environment

One of the great benefits about government work is how stable and regular it all is. You can expect to be doing much the same thing every day, and you won’t have to worry about losing your job during a market crash. Even if your department becomes unnecessary or is closed down, the government will typically just absorb its employees and assets into a new department.

Governments are notoriously stable and are much safer career environments than just about any other business. You can expect to be off for public holidays and to be properly compensated for your overtime.

images1Government bureaus and departments are not apt to replace employees that are working well. The same way you would not replace a vacuum cleaner if it is doing its job, the government isn’t seeking to shake things up that are functioning properly. Your Kogan vacuum cleaner, when it is reliable, is unremarkable. But once it causes problems, then you have to replace it or fix it.

The government will likely take the same action. If you become a problem for them, they will usually try to coach you or correct the behaviour before outright firing or dismissal. This saves them on hiring and advertising costs and makes their workplace more efficient.

There are plenty of benefits to working for the government, but there are some downsides to it as well that many people don’t consider. Lookat your available options and consider whatyou are getting into before signing a contract.…

The world is still in the grips of an economic recession. It may be easing up little by little, but the job market is still in flux and many people are in danger of losing their jobs. When you look at volatile industries like car manufacturing and video game design, you can see how many thousands of people are losing their jobs each year.

But then you take a look at the government jobs and see much more stability. These are often not the highest paying jobs in their particular sector, but their stability can make up for it. When was the last time the government laid off hundreds of employees? Most people would be hard-pressed to recall instances of mass layoffs at all from government agencies.

When those agencies do fold or change into something new, they usually take most of their workforce with them. The government values loyal employees, and in return it is quite loyal itself. And even when the government suffers from recessions, it always finds ways to pay its employees and make their positions something of value.

images1And government jobs cover a wide range of industries and pay grades. There are plenty of government workers who ride in chauffeured cars to work every day. Those chauffeured cars are often even paid for by the government because the government doesn’t want some of its most valuable employees putting themselves in danger by driving on their own.

And while companies suffer through the recession, having to lay off employees just to make ends meet, you won’t ever find the government just folding up and putting all its employees out on the streets. The government has vast resources to draw from and a steady source of income. It’s not in danger of collapsing, even when it is being managed poorly. That’s because people will always need the government. There is simply no other alternative for the services that the government provides. And that’s what makes it so stable of a job market for those looking for employment.…

A career with the government can be rewarding both fiscally and personally. But like any job, there are upsides and downsides to consider. Let’s take a lot at both sides of working for the government.

The Pros

Government jobs are traditionally very stable. Governments always stay in business, and even if theirdepartments are downsized or merged, there is never any real chance that the government will stop working altogether. This kind of stability is something many people are looking for in this unstable economic climate.

Government jobs also tend to come with great benefits and extensive vacation days. You can even accrue your vacation days in many government careers. Your retirement benefits are likely to be considerable, as are your monthly health benefits and insurance coverage options.

And schedules tend toward the normal 9-5 for weekdays. Most government offices are closed during the weekend and for major holidays. Employees are rarely asked to work overtime, and most employees can easily balance their work lives with their personal ones.

The Cons

Of course, there is a downside to all this. The stability comes with a price. You usually have little control or creativity over your terms your schedule or the kind of work you do.
While tree service specialists may not be paid as much as government road workers,they have the freedom to turn down jobs andimages1 to do other tasks beyond the tree services they advertise. Government jobs are far more restricted, and what you can and cannot do is often out of your control.

Government work also has a lower earning ceiling overall than the private sector does. Those who really want to bring in the big paychecks often have to transfer over to the private sector. The government job market also tends to give out pay increases at a much slower rate than the private sector. This makes finding a highly successful job within the government to be daunting and unlikely for most people.…

The Federal government will be filling a few hundred thousand career positions this year, as they do every year. This gives graduates and postdoc applicants the opportunity to enter rewarding fields of all kinds. While many people are familiar with the Department of Defense and National Security Agency, they may not be aware of the numerous other government agencies and that the government hires in a multitude of fields.

Doctors, researchers, security personnel, maintenance persons, and many more can find careers with the Federal government. But many of these applicants may find that the government is looking for more than just the typical applicants. They are often looking for people who are at the top of their class and offer the most potential in their area of expertise.


How to Apply

Many of the jobs aspiring federal employees are looking for can be found through USAJobs.gov. This government website post career opportunities and helps people find the jobs they are looking for.

The application process is often a bit more complicated than with other jobs. It often requires that applicants fill out reams of paperwork, undergo drug testing (and fitness testing, depending on the job), and meet stringent criteria. Federal work is not for everyone, but for those who can meet the requirements there are a number of rewarding career options available.

Preparing for the Application

Before you go and fill out the forms, there is some groundwork that has to be done first. You must prepare yourself for the applicationsprocess.

This doesn’t mean getting your body fat down to a certain amount with the help of Garcinia or some other weight loss supplement- though Garcinia could be in order if you are applying for a job that requires physical fitness.

Instead you need to prepare your resume. Now federal resumes are somewhat different from typical professional resumes and CVs. The government job recruitment sites can walk you through the requirements for your resume, and professional resume creation specialists can give you personal pointers on what changes you need to make. Be sure to adhere to all the guidelines for federal resumes, as a misstep could leave you out of the application process altogether.

You also need to prepare for a long applications process. Make sure your records are in order. You will likely need to make copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate and be prepared for a background check. If you don’t think your criminal record is flawless, then you probably shouldn’t be applying in the first place.

As you prepare, keep in mind that the government and many peripheral sites are available to assist you through the process. You can find the help you need with a little searching.…

The Federal government hires a variety of different people every year. And surprisingly, they are not all in the types of fields you would associate with the government. Yes, there are police, military and secretarial jobs being advertised and filled all the time, but there are actually job openings for people of pretty much every specialization if you look in the right places.

Research Fields

The Federal government spends tons of money on research each year. We don’t tend to think about this very much because many of these reports only come out every few years. But the government is always funding research into various health issues, safety studies and much more. And you can bet there are plenty of internal studies as well that are never published to the public.

For these kinds of research jobs, they need people in all kinds of specialties. Scientists, psychologists, lab workers, dieticians, doctors and more can all find a calling at a government post. There is plenty of work out there to do and not all of it is being advertised. From census studies to testing technology, the government has many projects it is working on that it needs manpower for. Your qualifications may not always be as important as your desire to work in a certain field. Not all of them require extensive training, and the government is often just looking for some bodies to fill positions.

Making Your Case

Then again, not all of these jobs are just handed to people. It could help to have government connections. If the government knows you have the qualifications that they are looking for and that you are actively searching for a job, they might just contact you themselves.

And it doesn’t hurt to get your name out there and show that you have the ability to perform at the kind of level they are looking for. Rather than just keep your car locked behind your garage doors and hope that the call will come, you can try to find non-government work in the field you are interested. The Federal government is constantly looking into the private sector for new recruits, and making sure you stand out can greatly increase your chances of a prime Federal job.…